The Hilarities of Life: They make sense to everyone else…except me!

Ever wonder why all of your socks seem to disappear? Or why guys bicycles have raised bars? Or why Black skin divers don’t wear white wet suits? How about if jury duty is so random, why do some people (like my husband) get called for jury duty on their birthdays? Finally, why don’t celebs travel with the rest of us?  Lets explore my theories for why these occur and possible solutions. I’d love to hear your hilarities of life as well. :)

Topic # 1: Disappearing Sock Act?


> Why is that whenever I buy a 6 or 12 pack of black socks, I am left weeks later searching for a single pair? Where do these socks go? Does the dryer eat them? Do they shrink and cling to the inside of the rest of my clothes and then fall out when I wear them? Or do they explode and evaporate (my husband’s answer) or slip into a new dimension? There are a million possibilities as to why this keeps occurring and I’ve come up with one solution…Have you ever heard the phrase,

“Black Socks, they never get dirty! The more that you wear them, the blacker they get!” (my sister used to sing this btw)

Well, I’ve sort- of adopted this theory and simply don’t wash my socks, because I know that something happens to them when they dissolve into the abyss of the washing/dryer machine. Or maybe I just shouldn’t dry them? Do you have this same problem?


Topic #2: Why do men ride dangerous bicycles?


> I’m not sure why the men’s vs. women bicycle was designed in such a way that if the man were to miss the seat he would hurt himself  instantly! I mean women don’t have to worry as much about anything accidentally hitting the raised bar. Seems like the solution would be for men and women to trade bicycles? So the next time you and your male friend go bike riding say out loud this:

“Save a guy! Ride a girls bike!” lol and protect the family jewels!


Ladies we all know the bicycle system should be more like this:


***Until my husband feels comfortable driving stick-I feel like this!

Topic #3: Why don’t black skin divers wear white wet suits?



>  Why don’t inventors make glow in the dark wet suits? Now that would be fun!

My mother used to always pose weird questions on me like: “Do golfers on their day off practice medicine?”

I couldn’t really answer as a child, but it always made me laugh and ponder about the oddities of life.

One more question she would pose is this:

“If your not having fun, what are you having?”

Think about this one for a minute… Are you enjoying life and finding the funnies throughout your day? My mother is a lawyer but it sure doesn’t stop her from making jokes with others and finding things to laugh about. In fact, I think its good for our health if we can laugh with others or at our selves... in a good way of course! :)

Topic # 4:  Jury Duty and how its not that random?

> For some reason my husband has been called to jury duty twice in the last couple of years and both times were on his birthday. Hmm…This reminds me of the song “Ironic” by Alanis Morissette…

Does “Its a black fly in your Chardonnay” ring a bell to you? Well if it doesn’t take a listen.

lol I think that things are not always as random as they try to appear to be in life and that there just may be some body behind the curtain that is laughing at us all. If this is the case, then surely this man is the one who makes us waste two years of our lives sitting at stop lights as well.

wizard of ozoz

My Solution is: accept what is given (whether it doesn’t seem fair or not) and just roll with the punches. A wise teacher from my undergrad once told me that life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you deal with it.

Topic #5: Celebs and where are they?

> Ever wonder when your on a plane why you don’t see Celebs on there too? I know that it isn’t practical because of safety concerns with stalkers and psychos following celebs around, but doesn’t there seem to be some kind of segregation going on with those that have more money?

I mean, can you imagine a world where there was no economy vs upper class and everyone flew first class? Seniority still plays a big part in this country… “Just because I’ve earned the mileage-I can fly first class”- really?

I once took a small and short flight from Portland Oregon to Seattle and they treated everyone like first class. Since I’d never rode first class before I felt honored and respected to be rewarded for my decision to fly with that particular airline and continue to fly with them to this day.  Now a days, you can’t even get a free meal or let alone pretzels on a flight. Everything is about money, and I think this needs to change.

What if you got on a plane and sat next to a famous celebrity?

Celebrities really are just like the rest of us and they have chosen their paths to success and have most of the time worked really hard to get there.

So why do we obsess over them? Do there fame and fortune really inspire us to be more like them?

I see it in King Soopers (grocery store) all the time- the many celeb magazines that are widespread on the check out shelves-I don’t buy them because I don’t really know anything past what I see in the movies/t.v. or know celebrities personally. Although, I do watch movies over and over again so I’m possibly a hypocrite.

Don’t get me wrong, I think its great to look up to Celebrities and see them as role models, but  wouldn’t it be even greater to imagine the real role models that we actually encounter in life.

Yes there are teachers of the year awards and all that jazz…

But, think about living in a community where every week or month we honored someone or a family from our own society just for being a part of it.

What if when you entered your local grocery store you saw a magazine dedicated to a family within your own community?

Wouldn’t you feel more connected?

You wouldn’t have to tweet them or dream about being able to interact with them in real life- you could walk down the street and knock on their door and make a connection for free.

Everyone loves a free coffee date!

Don’t get me started on how the world is going from interacting personally every day to imitation interactions via tweet,Facebook, text. That’s for a different page, later to come…

If you were a celebrity-what would you do?

If I was a celebrity, I’d fly with everyone else (general public) and show up in random cities to honor families from those communities. There’s fantasy (believing your connected to celebrities) and then there is Elysium (the split worlds of upper class and lower class) 

Okay maybe its extreme thinking but there is a small grain of truth here.

Which world do you want to live in?  lol “The power is yours!”

Lets create a world that bridges the two together.

P.S. Just kidding about the whole not washing my socks thing!

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