The Key to Health and Happiness


Health and Happiness: To Eat or Not to Eat? To Exercise or Not to Exercise? Mysteries Revealed….


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1. Health:

I am no doctor, or dietitian so my advice may not work for you, but its worth mentioning non the less.

Here are some guidelines to follow:

A.  Every  Human Body is different- you have to do some research on your body- how you process sugars, how your metabolism works. I find it useful to have a diary around to take note of what food I eat and how it makes me feel, or how my body reacts to it.

I recently found out that my blood is type O positive which means that I should stay away from certain foods that may cause my body to digest slower and therefore cause this:


I was always wondering why whenever I had my very favorite peanut butter smoothie I would literally have to take a nap afterwards. That’s because my body took longer to digest peanuts and milk products. I knew something was up!

B. Research Food- Do you know what your eating does to you?

Food Research is really interesting- finding out that certain foods can boost your energy, provide you with immunity to certain illnesses, help your body function properly (i.e. lack of certain vitamins from foods can cause heart problems, mental issues, and illnesses) Why would you want these problems?

C. Everything in Moderation- I don’t personally believe in diets, because they are only temporary unless you make your diet your life!

What about living? Enjoying what you eat? Don’t be too concerned with Calories or avoiding that Big Mac.

Just avoid eating a Big Mac every meal, or every day!

The Food You Consume Must be Balanced!


Sometimes I only eat when I am hungry, but it doesn’t mean that our bodies aren’t lacking certain vitamins.

I think of our bodies like putting money in a bank- you cant have a full dollar if you only deposit a nickel or dime every once in a while. A 100% completed puzzle has more than a few pieces placed together.


D. Yes Calorie Counting can be helpful, but after awhile it gets a bit old don’t you think? Who has time to count calories anyways? Plus in all reality they are only numbers?

I wish we could stick a drive into our bodies to see what areas of nutrition we are lacking for the day!

I would say, try to incorporate healthy foods into your eating habits with a balance of proteins, and sugars-yes I said Sugars!

While growing up my dad would always make me eat dessert after every meal! Even if I wasn’t in the mood, his constant prodding made me give in. Not that I was a porker or anything, or that he was trying to get me to gain weight- but just to enjoy a treat after a healthy meal.

Maybe dessert isn’t too bad after all! If it acts for a reward after a healthy meal-might be something I teach my children someday!

So Eat it!!! Lol


And Enjoy it TOO!

Scene from Matilda Chocolate Cake Eating

After all its your life!


2. Exercise- “I work out!”

First you must ask yourself- what category below are you?


Are You a Couch Potato?


work out



                                              An Extremist?

buff man

Were you able to choose a category? Now some of us have medical conditions that don’t allow us to work out as much, but I would still put you in the second/ hard worker category-its the TRYING part that matters most here!

A. I think the second great component to health is EXERCISE!

You don’t have to exercise every day- in fact research shows that exercise is requires rest

You don’t have to exercise every part of your body in one sitting-don’t go overboard, work different muscle groups on different days!

What I’ve heard is that Research has shown that Walking is the best form of exercise!

And you Certainly Don’t have to do it alone! Go with a Friend or Walk in a busy town! You might meet someone new too!


My sister always says, find ways to exercise- even if its for five- 15 minutes a day!

Can you sit on the couch, and lift weights-sure!

Can you cook dinner and do a few squats-sure!

Exercise doesn’t have to be at a gym! Yes the equipment is cool, but I don’t think you should have to pay much for your own health!

Nothing against exercise videos- I have very much enjoyed Julian Michael’s workouts-because they give me ideas for what kind of simple workouts that I could be doing at home.

If you prefer the gym go for it and I would recommend a personal trainer too- as long as they don’t bum out on you and not make their scheduled appointments.

If you can afford to spend money on your health-why not? There are worse things to be spending your money on:

Ever bought one of these before?


B. Exercise Can Be Fun- if you try this:



- Dance- why not throw on some fun tunes and dance around the house- I usually move my body in the car while driving to work to my favorite tunes.

You can even use your Wii- to dance to Michael Jackson music in certain dancing games, or play a well liked sport by moving your arm to throw a bowling ball, or jump up to shoot a basketball!

– Participate in a Sport you Enjoy! For me I like to Swim! I’ve heard its a great form of exercise! What do you like to do?







-Maybe Play an instrument?



Yes you do burn Calories when you make music!



You can virtually burn calories just by breathing- but why not make it more interesting?!


The Bottom line is that you don’t have to eat like a rabbit:


 Or Work out Constantly/Obsessively like LMFAO:


“I Work Out!”




To Become Healthy!


That is Up to you- “The power is yours!”

captain planet
From the t.v. show Captain Planet















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