What the bleep is this? Seriously…

big mouth fish   ask me out my tee rex



santa hat







What do all three of these bizarre things have in common?

Besides being ridiculous, they just make you stop and wonder what was going on in the minds of these inventors? The world may never truly know the answers to life’s complex questions and mysteries, but clearly, most of us figure that living with humor is satisfying enough.

What truly matter’s to you?

Every year my family gets together and no matter what season it is, and we throw a white elephant party where everyone has to bring a distasteful gift. The person with the weirdest gift wins!

What do they win? It has been family tradition that the winner wins this:


elk hoof ash tray






Yes…that’s right….Its a hoof ashtray. What’s its purpose? Beats me! Not too many of us smoke in our family. Lets just say that it keeps the competitive from being too competitive-because the prize is well also weird too.

However,  the price of prize still doesn’t affect my brothers so much. When I was getting married at the age of 27, they were in competition over who would be the head usher and would tease me over the fact that I had picked favorites (keep in mind that my brother’s are in their early to mid 50’s and I’m in my late 20’s.

If only you knew what they tried to do as a joke at my wedding…

One pretended to have forgotten his dress pants and the others came down while I was getting ready and asked if they could attend the wedding in their boxers?

What was my response?! Heck No! Maybe at the reception, but trying to be formal here people!

Silly Brothers…Trix are for Kids!

No matter what age you are, the brotherly love never ends. :)

So, anyways. What sort of gifts would you find at a white elephant event? Probably something like this:  



These were present at our last family reunion in Breckinridge, CO 2015! HA HA!

Or this:









Regardless of what you might find at one of my family’s party’s. What truly matters is that we get to spend time with each other, joke around and have in the process have fun. 

fun bubble






Besides, life is too short and no family is exactly like your family!







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