The Customer is always right!?! Where do you draw the line?

rude customers are coming








What is our society coming to? If a customer complains…we let them walk on water. Society fears that one distasteful customer will ruin their existence forever. Honestly, if you let everyone have what they want-then how do you create an existence? Yes, social media is a powerful thing…but so is integrity. 

Is it fair to let customers unleash their rage on your hard working employees? What kind of a working environment are you creating?

What are we teaching our children? That its okay to be bullied?!

I have worked in several different retail environments and have witnessed unbelievable customer behaviors. For example, one time, I had a disgruntled customer ask to speak to my boss and then stood there yelling at him for how disorganized the store was and how he didn’t like it.

Seriously? I wonder if these adults were the ones that were never put in time out for their tantrums?

If your mad about something, don’t take it out on another person. Take a walk or something, or spend 100 dollars to see a professional. We minimum wage workers get paid barely enough to take care of our own stressers in life (feeding our families, paying our rent, etc), to be put under MORE stress. 




Can you imagine a society that just gives into everything? You might as well not sell anything, because people are going to complain so much. 

Honestly, stress is what kills and I think that retailers should  start standing up for their rights to be respected. 











Everyone tries to abide by the law, right? 

What happens to us when we let others belittle us? We lower our self worth in society, lose our self confidence, and doubt who we are.  I think morale are set in place for a reason, and I think we need to add one more commandant- “Thou shall not hurt one another emotionally, or physically on purpose”.

Now, it would be ridiculous to outlaw rudeness, because sometimes we say things that we don’t mean, but can’t we all evaluate the content of our interactions? Is it really hard to think about how you might make someone else feel? 

Life is too short for worrying about what others might do to you. Maybe employee’s should start wearing these outfits to work:

rats ass







Just kidding….But seriously….this is what happens to some workers…they get pushed to the point where they have to do the wrong thing, just to make up for the abuse. For instance, I’ve seen coworkers do this: (Note: Never worked at Starbucks) 








help less







What would happen if we all did this? 

hard to please






There will never be a completely unavoidable rude interaction, but we can do our best to treat others with respect and hopefully, life will get better for those that dedicate their lives to retail and helping others.  



This line of work is a tough field to work in and my heart goes out to those that are in these work environments…the good thing is that there are many good customers that counteract the bad ones. Those are the people that I will always remember. 

images (2)







images (1)

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