What did you say?!

signs  escalator

  “I want you black!”, “My Name”, “This bird is so lonely with you eh?”, “I want to work at Pee knee a chia o’s!”

Confused? – Lets just say that ignorance is bliss until someone provides a different interpretation.

I guess that my mom and I occasionally have issues with hearing lyrics correctly. For example, one day I was riding in the car with her on the way to down town Vancouver, WA and a song came on the radio by Pink Floyd. Immediately my mom started singing the lyrics and I just burst out laughing hysterically! She was singing “my name” over and over again.

I just had to stop her…I said, “mom, its not my name. It’s money.”

Mom: No way they are singing my name.

Me: No, didn’t you hear the cash register sounds in the beginning?

Mom: Oh! That makes so much more sense now!

(To this day we laugh about this experience)

Here’s a clip of the song….

On a separate occasion, I was driving down the street in fort Collins, CO with my husband singing a popular song by Red hot chili peppers. He started to chuckle a bit and had to correct me in the middle of my singing too. Apparently I thought the lyrics to “Scar Tissue” were:

“Which birds shed is so lonely with you,  eh”  (Even though it didn’t make sense, that’s what I heard lol)

However, honestly? I wasn’t too far off.

They really are: ” With the birds, I’ll share this lonely view”

Though, I still continue to sing it like this…check the clip out…it comes with lyrics to help.

Also for some reason it drives my hubby crazy when I say washing machine.

He says “its washer machine not washing machine, you wouldn’t call the dryer a dryer machine.”

Well actually…lol I would!  I really need to write down our conversations sometimes… they can be pretty funny. :)

Speaking of my husband…he loves to make fun of certain songs from the 90’s…take for instance NYSNC ‘s “I want you back!”

Happens to be a great hit (according to me) from the sixth grade and I still to this day can’t help my self to bust out a move when ever I hear this jam.

Only my hubby sings, “I want you BLACK!” LOL, if you haven’t realized by now that I’m white, there must be some bigger issues going on here…jk! I mean spray paint only lasts for so long and so does a volcanic 5th degree burn…but whatever, for you babe, I would try to walk on water! :)

walking on water

“Ever After clip”




Last but not least-Pronunciations

When I first moved out to Colorado for grad school  in summer of 2009, I was applying everywhere to find a job (after all when you graduate with an arts degree its hard to find  a specific job in your field unless you become a teacher (that’s why I went on to get my masters)

However, I always thought it would be neat to work in a restaurant as a waitress and so I saw a job posting at what I had thought was an Italian restaurant called pee knee a chia o’s. Sounds pretty good right?!


LOL! I was so excited that when I told my step mom where I was applying she gave me a very confused look (probably because she grew up in the area and had never heard of such a place)

Well, then she asked me if she could see the place and I grabbed my computer and showed her.

She then said, “You mean Pinocchio’s?”

Me: “Oh….. whoops!”

son of a nutcracker




Me: “Well, I really liked my interpretation better, but glad I didn’t get an interview their and mispronounce the name of their restaurant!”

You may laugh now, until you realize that there are certain people that base their entire careers on this concept…take Weird Al for instance… watch and laugh even harder…ha ha!

 Check this out…I love it:


The only thing that I think is worse than misinterpretation is extreme forgetfulness-it drives me crazy when I get a melody stuck in my head and can’t remember the lyrics. 

I will usually spend quite a bit of time searching for the name of a song I heard, even if I just remember hearing one lyric. For example, since I work in a warehouse and its pretty noisy, I struggle to really hear lyrics (unless I’m familiar with the song) and I kept hearing the song “Take me to Church” by Hozier. However all I could remember was the lyric Amen. So thankfully I live in a time period where I have access to the coolest resource-“the internet”. It certainly didn’t take me long to find the song based on a very popular lyric.

I have to say that the lyrics were a lot different from how I imagined them to be and thought that the melody/harmony is more enjoyable than the actual lyrics

However sometimes, your interpretation is much better than the real thing…as you’ll see in the below clip-Cute with Chris recites the lyrics from T-Pain… In this case, its more about the harmony rather than the lyrics. What Is the message anyways? Take a listen…

Lets just say it DOES really matter if your a music professional and in my field of Music Therapy I better get my lyrics right or I’ve got a poor shot at therapy for my clients.

The key to success is realizing that memorization takes practice and repetition, and if you don’t use it…you loose it… take this example: Its extreme and funny but it’s got a lot of truth to it.

“Kit Kat Bar!”

I love The Office T.V. SHOW!

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