Inventions: A bit quirky but still original!

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Have you ever thought of an invention or something that could make life more fun/convenient? Here are a list of mine so far…

1. The GPS that Talks Back:

> Can you imagine telling your car GPS an address and then when you defer from its specific instructions (say you run into traffic and decide to try a different route) it talks back to you! After all it may have not seemed like it took a long time to “calculate” directions because it did it lightening fast, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be ignored for all its effort. For example:

GPS: “Calculating…. Turn right in 1.4 miles”

1.4 miles approaches

You stay on the road

GPS: “What?! I told you to turn right?! Why did you do that?!”

“Okay, recalculating…. turn right in 1/2 mile”

1/2 a mile approaches and you turn left instead

GPS: “Oh, I can see its going to be a long day with your attitude!”

Now if this GPS system sounds  too much like your mother, or a back seat driver, you might prefer a different GPS.

What would be  even funnier is if they could get certain celebs to provide their advice…imagine this:

You provide your GPS the address

GPS: “Calculating” (in males voice) Turn left in .4 miles

You stay straight

GPS: Reacts in Snoop Dog’s Voice:

“Dam! Fool! Drop it! Turn around fool and make a right or fo schizzle my nizzle!”

You continue to go straight


“P-didly! Okay, I’ll drop it like it’s hot! Recalculating your mess!”

There’s so many possibilities for who could voice the GPS and I will die of laughter and jump for joy the day this is invented!

Other inventions…

2. The Fast Food Surprise:

> Since many people in the world have trouble making up their minds about many things including food…why not create a restaurant that chooses for you. You don’t have to waste your time looking at a menu…you just pay a certain fee and get a “surprise” meal!

(I owe this idea to my husband…as he always has a hard time choosing what he wants to eat during meal times)

Although, this probably would be more successful in third world countries where people are less picky about what they eat and just need food. BTW: I wish I could end world hunger-seems more important than politics.

 However, as you start to get more technical in your thinking about this “surprise” fast food chain…you’ll realize the Cons and Pros:


1. People who have allergies of foods will be discriminated against (because they wont be able to pick or choose what goes in their meals)

Sorry friends that are allergic or sensitive!

2. You get what you get (no changing for something else)

3. No order to the chaos-if your a person that likes to plan what they will do or eat-this really isn’t the place for you!


1. Eliminates commuter wait time-fast and easy meals ready to go

No need to order your food-its ready for you!

2. It may eliminate processed foods- here’s the catch- these specific “surprise” fast food chains would have to pull local ingredients to make their meals (absolutely no freezer crap allowed- at least that’s what I would like to have happen.

3. It makes things interesting for the chef: Ever heard that phrase “the world is what you make of it” and “the sky is the limit in adding ingredients without the constraints of demands and needs of the public.”

If there were no menus-wouldn’t it be up to the cook/chef to come up with his own meals? It could be fish for the first customer and steak for the next. You could have a milkshake or you could have a strawberry daiquiri.

Food is great n all, and If I was rich, I might get caught up in the world of food as well. BUT:  you have to ask your self-is $15.00 really worth instant satisfaction? How many hours did you have to work to get paid this much?”

Other inventions

For ladies….

3. How about a bra that is adjustable to fit all?

> My mom and sis took me out to shopping for a new bra one day because they claimed that my bra wasn’t doing its job of providing lift lol..NOBODY WANTS SAGGY BOOBS!

So I got sized and found out I was wearing a bra that was two sizes too big. Well I ended up getting the bra and a couple of weeks later noticed that I was having pain in my ribs/back area. I associated it with work because at the time I worked in a warehouse and did a lot of physical labor.

However the pain never really went away….until I put on a different bra…and ladies what I’ve come to realize is this:

“Bra fitters may know sizes and be able to fit you, but they sure don’t know anatomy!”

I think because I was used to wearing that bigger bra and then drastically changed-I was squeezing my rib cage together and its became  quite painful.


Why not create a bra that you can adjust the waist/rib cage size? We all change our body sizes from time to time! So why not make it more convenient and cost effective for us!

We might as well throw in adjustable cup sizes too! :)

I mean they may convince you that 50.00 is worth it for a decent bra-but does it have to be that way? Again…like the meal idea-50.00 for me is like three whole hours of working in a place I don’t really enjoy (warehouse) ((some of you may enjoy your jobs)) but STILL…wouldn’t you rather that money went to something better…like saving for a vacation?

“The girls may need to be lifted, but at what price are you willing to pay?

4. Last Topic: The Windshield Scraper/one swipe and your done!

> Wouldn’t it be cool to have a windshield wiper blade (the one that either wiped off the rain or that you would use to scrape ice off your car could just scrape it for you in one swoop?

Imagine your sitting in your car or are outside getting ready to scrape the ice off your car’s windshield and you just apply the scraper and in one motion you have cleared your entire windshield!

It sure would save you a few minutes in warming up the vehicle and heading out into the snowy abyss to get a head start in traffic.

Practical and Convenient :)

Why or why not?

Let me know what you think or share your inventions below :)







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