Pregnancy and “Hello my Baby”!

I’m more than half way through my pregnancy and would like to share what I have learned so far about my journey!

First things First-Lets get things straightened out….


So excited for my baby girl to arrive…her due date is ha ha ha on May the 4th, of 2016 be with you!

Because of this due date, most of my family have been joking around with me saying that I should name the baby after a Star Wars character since May the 4th be with you sounds like May the Force be with you!

We’ll see about that…

At five Months already she is really starting to make her presence known by kicking me quite a bit. My husband has also gotten the chance to feel her-which is a cool experience but certainly not like what it really feels for the inside.

I have to share with you my fears-because after all what pregnant woman doesn’t have them?

I’m worried that if the baby gets to be extremely large and kicks a ton, she might actually break through and I might find this scenario happening:

Mind you this is a bit graphic…

I’ll admit since I do Music Therapy as a living…I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if my baby came out singing…

hello my baby

But it would certainly be a CHALLENGE to raise a baby that looked like that!

Fingers Crossed!

Alright so as far as Pregnancy Symptoms-here is what I’ve experienced so far:

1. Nausea- Was very common during the first two months-which is primarily another factor in why I didn’t do so hot on my boards exam…just finding out your pregnant is a huge stressor on its own. (Test Taking Page coming soon)

It feels like you have stomach flu instantly…mostly it was in the mornings, slightly in the afternoon and occasionally in the evenings…

Definitely Not the Fun part of being pregnant!

2. Eating More and all the time- In the beginning three months due to the nausea, I was encouraged to eat very early in the morning-especially saltine crackers…but coming from someone that is not a morning person…it was difficult to stuff myself right when I first got up, let alone with something dry like a cracker!

I just don’t eat unless I’m hungry. Cravings on the other hand…weren’t like how I expected them to be.

Yes-I did have cravings-


 In the beginning  I craved chicken noodle soup (I’ll admit eating hot soup in the middle of summer while commuting wasn’t like anything I imagined  either, but at least it was healthy),

Also, anything salty,






Then it turned to vegetables and tomato juice months 2-4

and now in month five I’m addicted to turkey sandwhiches.…my baby must be lacking protein or something? You think?



However, it wasn’t a life or death situation. I haven’t really gone out to get icecream late at night (well except that one night I had to have mint ice cream…and settled for pepermint instead)


 Note: It was highly unusual for me to want mint-my favorites usually involve receses peanut butter cups, butterscotch, pecan or cake batter from Cold Stone with gummy bears-who can resist?

Other Symptoms:

Energy Lows- & Energy Highs


If you feel exhausted all the time months 1-2 Don’t worry its normal!

If you feel like you have TOO much energy and WILL conquer the world-Don’t worry its normal.

super woman

It feels like your on a roller coaster ride sometimes-this might also happen to your emotions…I remember laughing so hard that I started crying hysterically afterwards…that’s when you know something is really messed up. But its kind of funny too!

laughing crying

I’m sure that my baby will be the next victim of this lovely emotional roller coaster….



Vs. crying baby






I better get ready to be a moma!

Its intimidating, but I think everyone goes through these feelings-hoping you can do the right things and be the right kind of mama that you hope.

It would be wonderful if I could turn out like my mother-she is my biggest fan and best friend.

2015 Summer at Red Rocks Amphitheater with my mom, brother and sister.

I truly think life would have been very hard without her!

Shout out to my dad too-I learned a lot from him too!

We went on many road trips together and I have fond memories of getting to spend time with family because of him.

Taken at my wedding in Silverthorne, CO on August 16th, 2013

My husband worries about being a good dad, because his dad wasn’t really in the picture.

I know that he will make a good dad. He is the kindest man I have ever met and I enjoy going on adventures with him and laughing a lot.

Any tips for us being parents?

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