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Hello & Welcome!

My Name is Daisie Ann Sutton!

I am a young professional that is interested in sharing my thoughts and opinions with friends.




About Me:

I am originally from Hockinson, Washington-never heard of it? (Most people haven’t, because its way out in hick-ville and is so small that no stop lights are present, includes one tiny gas station for your local market, yet surrounded by five churches (none of which I attended, but they were still interesting buildings to admire). Although it is a small town, I often miss the ability to walk virtually everywhere and be surrounded by beautifully green forests (No this is not Forks Washington ha ha-though most of us probably did look like Vampires due to the lack of exposure to the sun).

I currently live in Colorado, and enjoy seeing the sun everyday, hiking in the mountains, spending time with friends/family and playing/singing music on several instruments.

I recently finished my music therapy internship in Logan, Utah and have been working in Denver as a Music Therapist. I enjoy working with older adults with Dementia, Alzheimer’s,  as well as physical disabilities and enjoy using music to help improve quality of life. I  also work with children with disabilities and hope to gain more experience working with children as I progress in my career (this will definitely happen-see pregnancy page

Purpose of Blog:

Besides my passions for music, I have always been interested in writing and would like to write a book someday. I find it rewarding to share funny experiences as well as topics that interest me and I hope that you as a reader can relate with my topics or just laugh a little.

Have fun reading my pages!



Thoughts of Interest